Splinter and other Hero Rats Sniff Out Mines in Africa

heroRAT hero rat Master SplinterThanks to Hamato Yoshi's training of Master Splinter, we all now realize what Rats are capable of. With the right Ninjutsu guidance they can fight crime and save lives.

"Rats saving lives is impossible," you say. Well guess what my friends, there are some real life non-mutagenated rats out there working for the good of the land.

Thanks to a combination of ninjutsu and Pavlovian response training heroRATS are GO!

These heroRATS have been trained to sniff out land mines in Tanzania and Mozambique. The benefits of having a rat locate mines are numerous. For one, they are light enough that when they find a mine and start scratching at the ground for their treat, they do not explode.

The African Giant Pouched Rats are well suited for hunting mines because they are easier to train than dogs, they stay healthy in tropical areas, and they heroRAT hero rat Master Splinterare cheap to breed and raise.

Each heroRAT can use its ninjutsu skills to detect 200 square meters of mines a day. If you want to adopt a heroRAT and name it MASTER SPLINTER, you can do this for a one time donation of 250€ a year. For more information please go to herorat.org