The 8 Most Addicting Free Flash Games Ever!

Choosing the 8 most addicting flash games ever was no easy task. In fact, it was grueling. I had to play a lot of mediocre games in the last three months to find these amazing gems. These are the best flash games ever, and have made it to the top eight list based on the amount of time I have spent playing them.

Where most flash games are okay for about thirty seconds, these games will keep you coming back, and hold your attention for minutes, maybe even hours.

8. Portal - This is the flash version of Valve's hugely successful game: Portal. There are more than 40 challenging levels, and everything from the original is included in 2d - energy balls, cubes, (cake?) turrets and even the famous crusher from the trailer.

Flash Portal

7. Dino Run - In this addicting side-scroller you play a pixelated dinosaur on the run. Hence the name: Dino Run. Ok, so it is pretty simple, but the levels are very fun as you race against the pyroclastic wall of doom that is hot on your tail. The ultimate goal is to eat a lot of little dinosaurs, collect dino eggs, and get to dino-shangri la without getting blown up. You can also race your friends online!

Dino Run
6. Bubble Tanks 2 - Bubble Tanks is great because of its innovative level design. You can move in any direction, but the further away you get from your starting point on the map the harder your enemies become. As you kill enemies, your tank evolves up a three tiered skill tree, allowing you to play with 26 different tanks, and more than 30 different weapons.

bubble tanks
5. Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 - This is the best tower defense game out there. Unlike other tower defense type games, this one allows you to place your turrets anywhere on the map, as well as upgrade or remove them. In doing so you can create very customizable mazes to try to stop the "creeps" from getting across the map. This is a great game for strategy building, and I have once sat down and played it for almost three consecutive hours.

4. The Last Stand 2 - What could be greater than shooting 100 zombies behind a make shift barricade? Well, shooting thousands of zombies, with lots of new weapons in this great sequel. In last stand 2, you have 40 days to go from town to town, on your escape to Union City. This game has better use of survivors than the previous; you can equip them with weapons, and they will actually kill the zombies. There are also zombie traps, to help you on your journey.

3. Final Ninja - Nitrome makes some of the most addicting games out there, this being the best in the bunch. You are a ninja, and unlike other ninja games, this one is fun. You are equipped with shuriken, a grappling hook, and stealth mode. The stealth mode is a necessary aspect of this game, as there are many security systems and enemies. Also, the grappling hook is the best tool ever, and makes the puzzles even more fun to navigate. This game is very addicting.

2. Battalion: Nemesis - Remember Advance Wars for the Nintendo DS? Well this is it, but better and free. In this turn-based strategy game, you control an army and move each individual tank, infantryman, plane, and boat individually. It is a mix between chess and Red Alert. The AI is great, the turn taking is a nice change of pace, and the strategy involved makes me keep coming back. Unlike Advance Wars, you are rewarded for attacking, and it is a little faster paced. This is one of the best free flash games out there.

1. Boxhead The Zombie Wars - Finally, this is the most addicting game I have ever played. You are alone, and there are more zombies than you will ever be able to shake a stick at. This top down shooter features an infinite wave of zombies, mummies, witches, and devils. In Boxhead, you get to make your own base with automated turrets and barricades to try and stop them. There is also an awesome arsenal, including air strikes, miniguns, and rocket launchers. Each successive wave gets harder as the zombies get faster, and more devils shoot flames at you. SO MUCH FUN. If there is one game you are going to try, play this one.

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I played the last stand 2 but haven't finished it. I don't play the game when my little brother is around because it's violent :D He thought everything in the last stand is normal, he even throw anything at our neighbor because he said that was how the guys at the last stand 2 call each other.. lolz.