New Eco-Friendly Running Shoes By END

END Stumptown 12 oz. Cross-Training Shoes - Women'sWhen it comes to the composition of running shoes, you will be hard pressed to find a pair that are not made out of livestock, nylon, or petroleum.

That is, until now.

Thanks to the new company, Environmental Neutral Design [END], you will now be able to buy some eco-friendly shoes.

END is a Portland company that was formed in late 2007 by former Columbia Sportswear and Nike Executives. They are focused on creating "a new culture, not a new corporation."

All END shoes use bamboo fibers in their liners, and the laces and webbing of their shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles. Most of the rubber they use contains about 25% recycled material as well.

In an effort to economize the use of materials, end shoes are quite light. They are only about 10 ounces, compared to the standard 12 to 15 ounces a standard running shoe might weigh.

Each pair of END shoes will cost you about $65-$95, and they are now available at REI.


Alice said...

nice! i need a new pair of running shoes, i have had my (non-eco friendly) pair for over 5 years probably. not to imply that there are many miles on them....