Nebraska's New Safe Haven Law

I never really had a strong feeling toward the state of Nebraska until today. Now, I LOVE IT! Nebraska has introduced one of the best/funniest/most helpful laws ever.

There used to be a time when mothers who believed they were unfit to be a good parent could drop their infants off at a hospital or fire station with no negative repercussions. Well guess what friends, this law just got a whole lot broader!

Now you can drop off any of your children no matter their age. Here is the latest example from Action 3 News Omaha:
According to juvenile court records, a 14-year-old was dropped off by his mom September 1st. The mom, who didn't talk on camera, said she eventually would like her boy back. She wouldn't say why she dropped him off in the first place.

Police reports indicate the mother dropped off the teen at police headquarters "for transfer from apparent child abandonment/safe haven."

This genius new law gives parents so much more leverage when those god damn kids just won't shut their faces. "I am pulling over right now!"

So act now parents of Nebraska, it appears that your state government is realizing the kind of potential catastrophe they are creating for themselves.

I am projecting a future headline to read "State Overburdened: Feeding and Housing 20,000 Youth."

I can not wait to see how far this will go.