An Original Ad Concept by Microsoft

It's no secret that Macintosh products have been moving front and center of the computing landscape: They're hip! They're trendy! They don't get viruses! They increase your social capital! And they have an admittedly effective "I'm a Mac" ads that have been plaguing Microsoft since they began airing:

Oh, wait. Macs only have a 21% market share. That means that a vast majority of the remaining 79% of the market is Windows (or Unix)-based. Is Microsoft really hurting so bad that they need to hire Jerry Seinfeld for a barely-intelligible and quickly-canceled ad campaign? To mitigate this failure to capture 110% of the computing market, Microsoft has created a new and very original series of ads:

"The TV campaign, called 'Pride', shows people from all walks of life who all state 'I'm a PC'." (Guardian UK)

Finally, the closeted PC users of the world can proudly say that they are PCs. We are not concerned with being 'uncool' or wearing corrective optics! Sure, we might be a humble fish monger (0:59 on the first ad), but we will no longer abide the derision from you Mac users. You with your cool haircuts and your elitist soy lattes and your sleeve tattoos and your pure-as-undriven-snow colored laptops. There are literally dozens of us PC users. Dozens! We will not be silent. We will not be afraid.

UPDATES WAS YES!: The Seinfeld/Gates ads are, apparently, not canceled.