Are You Good Enough To Be President? Me Neither.

Internets Was Yes is not a political blog, per se, but given that this is an important election year, there is something I want to bring up:

I've heard a lot of talk about voters wanting a candidate they can "identify with". This confuses me; I mean, we're voting for someone who will lead the free world. This is a big job, and requires someone who has risen above the chaff and is a truly exceptional individual. Someone with whom most of us have little in common because the number of people with the capacity to be President of the United States is very small. The President should be better than us in all possible ways. They should have uncanny judgment, a knack for seeing decisions on the global scale; a steady hand and a clear head. They should be more than just one of us. They should be above what most of us can realistically attain. Not just anyone should be president. Not just anyone is capable of the job at hand.

So I would ask this of the voters in this election: do not vote for the candidate who is most like you, instead vote for the candidate you honestly feel can do the most good for our country whether or not you agree with their stance on the smaller issues. We [ed: used to] have checks and balances in place to see that no one man (or woman) can change/break laws on a whim, and continuing to elect individuals who subjugate this system of balances for their own gain will only make it more difficult to undo the damage to our ailing system.

So be informed, be aware, and work to put someone who is better than you in the largest, most difficult job in the world.

Only the very best of us could hope to tackle such a charge. Only the very best of us should.