Giant Pig Will Take Bite Out of You

PigA very large pig has successfully outsmarted an Australian woman and animal control rangers by trapping her in her home.

The inhabitants of the town of Uki began feeding the pig, which they named Bruce, after it mysteriously appeared ten days ago, even as their new porcine pal began demanding ever-increasing amounts of food matched with ebullient, aggressive behavior. This culminated in Bruce attacking one Caroline Hayes as she left her home this morning. The pig "bit her leg and herded her back into her house, where she is trapped". You read that right. Bruce, a large pig, has trapped Miss Hayes in her home.

"'It's a beautiful male pig but he's just so big and so pushy,' she told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation"

When she tried to prod Bruce with a broom handle, he pushed her down and snapped the broom in two with his powerful mandibles. Animal Control was also unable to reign in the swine. They arrived today with a dog cage, much too small for the mighty Bruce: "'They tried for a little while and they couldn't do it. They got him halfway in [to the cage] and he just backed off and went back to my dam, where he was having a lovely time in the water.'" Hayes said.

Seriously? Why not just tranquilize the pig? Or lure him away with food? Or go out of the house through a back door or window? Worse comes to worse you could cull him and feed the town for a month.

As of this posting Hayes is still trapped in her house. Rangers will return tomorrow with a larger cage for a second try.


Paradymium said...

Yay, giant swine!!