Engrish Was Yes! Part Three

For number-one best t-shirt times, please for looking at pictures!

Once upon a time I lived in Japan. I took pictures of people wearing ridiculous t-shirt slogans. In this series, updated weekly, I will share them with you.

"Live Version. The moment holds you by the hand it goes on forever the whole world."

Understood meaning: No

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Anonymous said...

The words are actually from a song called "Strange New World" by Lucy Monostone. I stumbled over your blog while I was looking for information about the artist.

But even with that information the text on the shirt doesn't make much sense because it's taken out of context. The original text goes:

You are not the same man that you were just a moment ago, No, you burn like a fire.
The moment holds you by the hand, it goes on forever, the whole world there in a grain of sand, it's now or never.
Stretched like a rubber band, about to sever.
And leaves you floating free...

It's a nice song actually. Gothic Hippy, if that makes any sense.

You can get the song as well as the lyrics here:

And I would like to know of a live version of that song because Lucy Monostone is just a fictional character from a Japanese TV Show called "MPD Psycho"...