Top 5 Things To Make With Legos

Are you ready to have your mind blown into little Lego pieces? It is time to break out that huge box of Legos (we know you didn't get rid of them) and make something epic. We are sharing the best of the best of the best things you can make out of Legos (Best x 3).

Make Something Huge.

This tower is 100 feet tall! It broke the record for the tallest Lego tower this year by 4 feet.

How Could rolling a giant Lego boulder down the street go wrong? Watch Out Indy!

Make a work of Art.

Nathan Sawaya has made some amazing original sculptures out of Legos. These are amazingly well done, and very creative. He currently has an art show that is touring called "The Art of The Brick." It might be in a town near you.

Re-Make A Work of Art

From album Cover Art to Escher, there are a lot of things to take inspiration from. For more amazing album art covers check out the toy zone.

Make A Video

If you have a camera that will allow you to do stop motion animation, please make a video using Legos. These are only two of some of the best Lego Movies out there.

Make A Model

Taking inspiration from real life, you could make something small and beautiful, like a Wii model, to something massive and awe inspiring like an aircraft carrier.

We hope we inspired you. Now make something, take a picture or make a video of it, send it to us, and become a legend of the Lego.


lex said...

Some kid made a significant portion of Columbus, OH out of Legos this year and displayed it at the Ohio State Fair. It was awe inspiring.