I Prefer My Vodka from a Crystal Skull

Are you unaffected by the worldwide economies imploding upon themselves like dying neutron stars, coalesced by the gravitational pull of unyielding avarice? Are you also bat-shit insane and out of other ways to waste money? Well you're in luck - now you can have Dan Aykroyd-approved ultra-premium vodka served out of a crystal [ed: glass, actually] skull:

If you couldn't make it through all eight minutes of infomercial, here's the punch line: They literally filter the liquor through diamonds before placing in the replica skull. That's right: Drinking Crystal Head Vodka is like imbibing a million creamy, sweet diamonds. Was there even a market for this sort of thing? I think I'll stick with the excellent Bend Distillery for my less-than-ultra-premium vodka enjoyment (although I'm pretty sure you can order a crystal skull martini in their tasting room), but then again I'm not a thrillionaire like Dan Aykroyd.


Eric Carlson said...

This is the perfect companion to the mockery that was the last Indiana Jones Movie.

lex said...

"millions of f***ing diamonds!!!"

i know what i'm buying for my lady when i want to get her all glittered up for easter...