I Make My Best Decisions Drunk: Part 2

Internets Was Yes will soon become a blog only about drunk people getting arrested for making awful decisions. Our first example of this was of a man who farted on the police officer while receiving a breathalyzer test - that's assault son!

And today, we learned about another genius drunken decision.
Fargo police said two men were arrested for drunken driving in the same vehicle. Police Lt. Pat Claus said an officer pulled over a 23-year-old man early Thursday morning. Claus said while that man was taking a sobriety test, a 24-year-old passenger got behind the wheel and tried to drive off.

Claus said the passenger was also arrested for drunken driving. Both men were taken to the Cass County jail.

Claus called the case "unique."
Quick! Distract him so I can get away!