Tokyo Subway Signs Politely Inform You to Not be a Dick

When I lived in Japan I found the rail system to be an expedient and convenient way to get from point A to B in the Kyoto area. Just look at how simple it is:

Only rarely was I accosted by raving derelicts or other questionable characters that seem magnetically attracted to the subways in the states. Granted, railways in Japan are crowded almost all the time, but as a non-Asian, people generally give you a generous margin, lest they accidentally enrage a strange gaijin ("foreigner", but the word carries the implication of being a barbarian).

Apparently in Tokyo they are not so lucky, and have launched a new signage campaign telling you exactly where you can stick your loud headphones. The bi-lingual signs show a more polite English sentence below the Japanese, which states with forceful imperative "[Let's] Do it at home." Signs and translations below (Notice the man with glasses in each one. He's fed up with your shit):

No one wants to hear your Coheed and Cambria cranked to 11.

Wait until you're home to get your drink on, and quit reading porn in public. Seriously.

Just get done hiking? Great. Now hike your ass to the back of the train.

You're tripping balls, son. Lay off the shrooms.

Bish plz. You're going to poke out your damn eye.

Glasses-man really cares what you're talking about. Shut it.

Whoa there, Tiger. That's not even a golf club.


Tokyo Subway said...

Yeah I haven't ridden the trains in Kyoto very much, but in Tokyo those ads are sooo true. I've seen them around in many subway stations lately and get a kick of reading them.

Anonymous said...

Dude, that is the map of the Osaka train system, not Kyoto