'Barak Osama' Appears on Hundreds of NY Ballots

this is fucked up
In upstate New York hundreds have been sent absentee ballots that read "Barak Osama."  This mix up was blamed on "human error" by the election officials in upstate New York.  

They said, ''It's human error, it's very unfortunate, it's an embarrassment to our office, obviously'' 

This is madness.

How could this in any way be human error?  It is an impossible typo to make, as the 'b' and the 's' keys are separated by two inches and four other letters.

The only human error here was hiring the person who wrote the ballots.  There is no way this was a typographical error.  It is just not possible.  

Was no one proof reading these ballots?  

Fortunately, this mistake was somewhat rectified,

"When they discovered the mistake, officials shredded the remaining ''Osama'' ballots and mailed correct versions to the roughly 300 people who had already received them. McDonough said the ''Osama'' mistake was made in only one of the 13 ballot versions mailed throughout the county, located east of the state capital of Albany." [Link]