10,000 People Rally to Save Iraqi Puppy

Over 10000 people have petitioned the US Army to allow an Iraqi pup rescued by a soldier to come stateside. The soldier who rescued the dog fears "that 'Ratchet' could be killed if left behind". A branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has even dispatched a group to fly to the middle east to attempt to retrieve the pooch.

This is an uplifting example of what can be done when people get together, and I'm glad that something is being done to prevent unnecessary suffering. But you know who else is in danger of being maimed or killed by being left in Iraq? American soldiers and the Iraqi people. Over 4000 Americans have been killed in the war so far, let alone civilian casualties. And if 10000 people are willing to rally behind bringing a dog out of Iraq, I like to think that there are thousands more who are ready to get our men and women in uniform home. Support the troops: bring them home now.

Updates Was Yes! 10.20.2008

Ratchet arrived in the US today.


Huskymania(c) said...

Amazing what is possible when people work together!