Golden Gate Bridge to Install Suicide Net

Want to end your life in the most picturesque of ways? Well, your suicide options are dwindling now that the Golden Gate Bridge is becoming jump-proof.

A California panel in charge of the Golden Gate Bridge is going to place a net under the 4,200 foot span of the bridge.

The netting would be set 20 feet below the sidewalk and extend out 20 feet from the bridge. Officials estimate the barrier will cost $40 million to $50 million.

The net installation on the Golden Gate Bridge in response to the 39 confirmed and seven unconfirmed suicide deaths in 2007. There has also been debate over installing a suicide barrier under the bridge since the 1970s.

I am really excited to see the first person this catches. With the net buried in the fog, I am sure it will come as a shock to many jumpers.

I for one think it is great that San Francisco is trying to make itself even more like a circus, with these nets. I embrace it, and so should all trapeze enthusiasts.

Now knowing that the Golden Gate Bridge will become a survivable jump, I am very interested in trying it. I am ready to do it, and I am sure it would be worth the fine! How about you? [link]


lex said...

I, too, am giddy about the prospect of (safely) jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Bit what happens when the net fails, and someone accidentally kills themselves. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen...