Rampaging Kid Feeds Zoo Animals To Crocodile

A super crazy 7-year-old boy got away from his parents at an austrailian zoo this week and caused a major ruckus.  Like a ninja, he snuck past an elaborate security system and got into the animal holding area.

Then he went berserker for about 30 minutes.

He single-handedly killed 13 animals, worth a total of $5,500.

After hopping the fence the boy killed several lizards by bashing them with rocks.  He fed a string of small reptiles to an 11-foot salt water crocodile.  In the picture above he is throwing a turtle over a wall.

His parents are being charged for this totally insane act.  I bet they wish they could just drop him off and let the state deal with him now.  Too bad they don't live in Nebraska.



lex said...

Isn't it a characteristic of sociopaths to kill animals when they are children? Better keep an eye on this tyke.