Bulletproof Handkerchief Protects Your Suit Coat

Sluli Recht, a clothing designer in Iceland has created a bulletproof handkerchief to be placed in the breast pocket of a gentleman's sport coat. The kerchief, like many bulletproof items, is made of kevlar and will [supposedly] resist small-arms fire, so long as the bullet is headed directly at your heart. Although Recht takes "NO responsibility for schmucks and wooden-heads who feel compelled to test the endurance or resistance of the textile in any way".

So if you want to know if your bulletproof handkerchief actually stops bullets, you should just hang around rough Icelandic neighborhoods (wearing your suit, of course) long enough to get shot while wearing it. And for the love of god don't use it; I hear mucus really reduces the tensile strength of kevlar.

Only ten kerchiefs have been produced so far, selling for 120 Euros (~$240) each, but Recht plans to expand his line of kevlar clothing and accessories.


Eric Carlson said...

This only works if your heart is not in the center of your chest.

lex said...

I foresee hipster kids gobbling these up to protect their necks/single butt cheek.

Eric Carlson said...

It seems like, although the bullet will not penetrate it, the bullet would force the handkerchief through your chest. Though, I guess it would make bullet retrieval and clean up easier.