Nebraska's Safe Haven Law: Its Worth The Drive

The best thing to happen to Nebraska's tourism industry is their new safe haven law.

With the new safe haven law, parents may donate a child of any age to the state with no strings attached.  Unlike restrictive state haven laws of other states, you can get rid of one or all of your children in many of their easy drop off locations.

Bring an infant or a 13 year old to a firehouse or a hospital, and walk away. Free and clear.  Also, if you drop your child off at a McDonalds you can get one free item from their dollar menu!

Ridiculous as it may seem.  It is real.  Seriously.  

Today, "A Michigan mother drove roughly 12 hours to Omaha, so she could abandon her 13-year-old son at a hospital under the state's unique safe-haven law, Nebraska officials said Monday.

The boy from the Detroit area is the second teenager from outside Nebraska and 18th child overall abandoned in the state since the law took effect in July."

Nebraska is now changing their motto from "Equality Before the Law" to: "Nebraska: Its worth the drive."

This is an amazing law, and I only see it snowballing from here.  There will be little you can do to stop parents from dropping off kids when they realize how easy it is to drop off their kids.  Even better is the fact that you don't even have to be the parent of the child to drop them off.  WOW!

Hey kids, get in the car!  We are going to Disney World!  

This is funnier than taking them to the dentist.  

Parents and strangers will have at least until January to donate their children to Nebraska.  It does not look like the law will be changing until next year as Nebraskan lawmakers will not call a special session to deal with this problem.

Take advantage of this limited time offer while you can!