The Stadium Pal - Real Sports Fans Pee in Their Pants

Have you ever been at a sporting event and found it so riveting that no matter how urgently you needed to urinate, you couldn't tear yourself away, resulting in the embarrassment of peeing your pants? Is finding a bathroom such a hassle that you'd rather evacuate your bladder into your basketball shorts? Then the Stadium Pal is something you should not be without.

Yes, you can literally pee in your pants while still enjoying all the action of your favorite sport! Using proprietary external catheter technology, the Stadium Pal collects urine and deposits it into a 1000ml reservoir attached to your inner calf, allowing you to slosh about all day with a bag of pee strapped to your leg:
But it's not just for sports; you can pee your pants on long motorcycle rides, at Mardi Gras, NASCAR (not a sport), even on fishing trips. You can pee your pant practically anywhere. I'm peeing right now! Thanks Stadium Pal!


Bryce Baker said...

Oh fuck, once the evil corporate overlords hear about this they are going to start locking people in their cubes all day

lex said...

i guess the ladies will just be stuck with adult diapers pending indentured office servitude.

Jeff said...

ladies can use The Stadium Gal! yeeeiii :)